„Dedicated to excellence and integrity, committed to entrepreneurial values.“

Our Services

  • You want to pass on your life's work or your investments at an optimal value?
  • You want to be independent of individual banks and implement a customized solution for your corporate financing?
  • You would like to know the current value of your company and develop a sound M&A strategy?

In these and other issues, we are your professional partner: independent, transaction-experienced, and with real industry competence.


Absolute confidentiality is our business principle. Therefore we do not publish transaction information, not even after the successful completion of the project. But we are happy to explain the released projects to you in a personal conversation, and connect you with our former clients.


Aquin & Cie. speaks the language of the entrepreneur, as the people working with us have either self-owned enterprises in the past and successfully sold them, or held high management positions in the industry where they were able to develop a broad expertise.




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